David Waltz, who passed away on March 22nd 2012 was a pioneer in AI, a leader of the field and a mentor and friend to many. His career from 1984-1993 at Brandeis was a critical period which enabled his work on industrial strength problems. Although he has been associated with MIT, Illinois, and Columbia, Brandeis has initiated 2 honors to remember him. First we organized a symposium so all the people from the phases of his career could come together to celebrate the man and his achievements. Second, Brandeis initiated a fundraising campaign to endow a named graduate student fellowship.

The event was photographed by Dick Gabriel, the first gradstudent Dave supervised at Illinois, and videotaped by Brandeis's media team. Both the photos and the videos for the event are avalable through the links above.

If you want to contribute a written memory, follow the texts link above.

Donations to Brandeis University are fully tax deductible. The Waltz Fellowship will be used to broaden the participation of women and minorities in Artificial Intelligence. Once funded, it will enable a new student to be recruited as the Waltz fellow every four years, linking their name and Dave Waltz's forever. Please consider donating to this memorial effort by check or credit card via paypal below.

Because of delay in starting fundraising, we are far from our $500k target for a full graduate fellowship as a recruitment tool. Until then, We are using the interest to fund Waltz summer research fellowships among our PhD Students.

 Send a check made out to Brandeis University to:

Waltz Fellowship Fund
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